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Revolve Camera Vimeo User Group

We love to see the great videos that our customers create using Revolve Camera Gear! Your creativity inspires us, and the great stories that you tell through your cinematography make our hard work worthwhile.

As a place to gather these videos, we have a Vimeo user group set up where you can share your work. Anything that our gear had a hand in is a video we would love to see! So please head over to the group using the link below and share your favorite Revolve clips!

Here are a few recent examples of videos uploaded by our customers.


This was one of the first customer videos using our Revolve Automated Motion motorized slider system. This video has some great motorized slider shots. We get a lot of questions about whether our new system can get astro or night-lapse footage, and clearly the answer is yes! Great work!


This video is a beautiful test using our motorized camera slider system. This user got some great live action video shots using our fast motor and a Blackmagic pocket cinema camera. Our versatile system can be used for both live video shots and for timelapse footage.


 Our portable motion control system is easy to travel with, and can accompany you on your journey to get great shots no matter where you go. The versatile gear can capture both live video and timelapse shots without having to pack two separate kits! These time lapse and video examples show some beautiful camera movements done with our motor kit / automatic slider and our camera dolly / track. The automated slider means that you can set up your shot with a guarantee of smooth motion every time- no need for re-takes EVER.

We would love to see more of your work! Our customers inspire us every day, so don't be shy- share your videos with us on our Vimeo group!

Jeremy Canterbury
Jeremy Canterbury