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RAM Manufacturing Update #1

The Revolve Automated Motion system is a motorized slider and dolly kit for timelapse and video motion control. The product was funded on Kickstarter on August 22nd. Several hundred pre-orders raised the funds to pay for the frst production run, which is currently underway. The RAM system is still available for pre-order on the Revolve Camera webssite, with an estimated November shipping date.

The design and production process requires lots of planning, designing, testing, and tracking. Below is a simplified production timeline listing the events from funding until order fulfillment-


One of the parts requiring a detailed design and manufacturing process is the RAM motor controller housing and electronic components. This is the brain of the automated motion system. The controller is responsible for regulating the speed of the motor- the user selects the speed of movement with the knob, and the direction of the movement is controlled using the switch.

This part is being manufactured using a process called injection molding. In this process, a metal mold is created in the shape of the part, then hot plastic is injected at high pressures into this mold to create the final plastic part. Fitting all of the electronics and the battery into this small enclosure is a challenge. Below is a rendering of what the enclosure will look like.

Along with housing the electronics, this enclosure also contains a battery compartment. The system will accept both our regular rechargeable battery pack, as well as standard "AA" size batteries. This is useful in a circumstance where you will not have access to a power source (camping, hiking, etc.), and are unable to recharge the pack since you can carry a few extra "AA" batteries along to ensure that you will have power at all times. 

To expedite the prototyping and sampling process we acquired a 3D printer in order to test out sample parts immediately. Without the 3D printer, the back and forth process between our manufacturer could take months. Now we can print a design and test the functionality within hours. This is also if critical importance because the injection molding tooling is very expensive to modify or recreate if there is a problem with the design. 

Below is an image of the 3D printer, and the first samples printed out of the motor controller. The technology is amazing, and we are very happy to have access to it!The Revolve Automated Motion system is a great tool for time-lapse photography and video. We worked very hard to design a motorized slider that would preform well on both timelapse and live action video shots. The motor controller with variable speed control, and interchangeable motors allow the system to be used in a wide variety of cinematography and photography applications. Keeping the system affordable was of high priority- most timelapse dolly systems on the market cost several times the price of the RAM system. The system is also universal and works not only with our Revolve Camera Dolly, but with our universa slider mounts, it can be attached to virtually any camera slider on the market to turn that regular slider into a fully motorized camera slider with automated movement.

Be sure to check our web store where the Revolve Automated Motion system is avaiable for pre-order.


Jeremy Canterbury
Jeremy Canterbury