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Last week a nice review of the Revolve Camera Dolly system went up on YouTube. This video review was posted by YouTube member "TechKid1000", and shows some good shots of the Revolve dolly used as both a table top dolly, and a video slider. Check it out for a quick look at how the system works.



Revolve + Genie

December 20, 2012

The Revolve Camera dolly can do a lot. With it's adjustable axles the dolly can maneuver in an endless range of rotational angles giving you any degree of circular movement that you want. With it's rail kit, the Revolve turns into a camera slider with a tripod mountable track. This track can be any length you desire. The monopood attachment lets you adjust the height of the camera, and even lets you use the system as a camera stabilizer. And with multiple mounting points, the dolly can even carry your accessories like lights and LCD monitors. Even with all these fatures, the whole system is fully portable, and very affordable. But, even after all this, there is still more possibilities.

One amazing addition to the system comes with the innovation of the guys over at Syrp. They have created an automatic motion control time lapse device called The Genie. Funded over at Kickstarter (just like the Revolve!), the Genie is a revolutionary product, and one that pairs amazingly well with the Revolve system. The Genie is a motorized computer controlled device that can help you create automated time lapse videos. The unit controls the motion of your camera, as well as your camera's shutter, providing full timelapse automation. The movements include a panning motion, and our favorite feature- a linear movement motion.

The linear accessory lets your camera move along a slider or dolly track automatically. A rope connected to both sides of the track is pulled by the Genie's motor, automatically moving the dolly. The length of linear movement is only limited by the length of your rope. This means the Genie can move your Revolve dolly along the entire length of your track when using with the rail kit. It can also be used off the track, just as easily.

With the linear accessory, you can also use the Revolve + Genie combo to create an automated cable cam. Simply screw a few eye-bolts into the axles of the Revolve dolly, and string a length of cable. The Revolve dolly becomes the trolley that allows your camera to glide across the cables. Cable cams can give some awesome perspectives and very unique shots!

There are an unlimited number of possibilities when combining great photo and video tools like the Revolve Dolly system, and the Genie motion control device. To learn more about the Genie, you can visit the Syrp website by CLICKING HERE.

To every corner of the globe!

December 19, 2012

 We get a lot of questions from customers asking if we can ship our camera accessories to their location. We are happy to say that the answer is ALWAYS a huge YES! We will ship Revolve products to you no matter where you are in the world. We are absolutely thrilled to see the Revolve camera dolly and it's accessories being used by our customers all around the globe! 

We have shipped of packages to hundreds of different cities all around the world. So whether you're in Australia, or Italy, Singapore, or Spain, right here California, or anywhere else in the world; our products can be delivered to your door!

The map above shows just some of the international cities that we have shipped our products to. We ship via USPS Priority Mail International, and we include a tracking number so that you can track the status of your package until it is in your hands. We guarantee our international shipments, so rest assured that your package will reach you quickly and safely!

For more information on our shipping rates and delivery times, CLICK HERE. 

The Revolve Camera Dolly from Vince Lundi on Vimeo.


Vincle Lundy of VL Films + Media shared with us this great Revolve Camera Dolly demo. This beautiful footage shows just some of the types of shots that can be achieved with the Revolve Camera Dolly.  Vince got some stunningly smooth video slider movements and put together this stunning short video. As you can see from the footage, the Revolve can achieve ultra-smooth shots even in out in the wild where no smooth surfaces are available. The Revolve rail system turns the camera dolly into a portable camera slider and track dolly.

A great video review of the Revolve system was recently posted to YouTube by a company called Yardbless Pro Shooter. The review is very well done, and offers an excellent demonstration of the Revolve dolly. The audio is in Spanish, but English captions are available by clicking the "CC" button at the bottom of the video.

Yardbless Pro Shooter puts out some very high quality informational videos about video production equipment. Check out their  YouTube channel for more great content!

A big thanks to Yardbless Pro Shooter for the review!


November 14, 2012

The Revolve Camera Dolly was successfully funded on Kickstarter on May 6, 2012. With the help of 476 project backers, we were able to raise $71,664 in pre-orders for the Revolve!

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to all of those who helped turn the Revolve into a reality!

The Kickstarter campaign launched our company, and now we are able to offer our products to the world! Check out our products page where you can view items and purchase from our web store!

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November 05, 2012

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