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RAM Motorized Pan & Tilt Head

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RAM Motorized Pan & Tilt Head

Ram motorized pan tilt head
Introducing the Revolve Automated Motion Pan & Tilt head! This new addition to the RAM system adds a whole new world of possibility for automated camera movement! This geared head allows for panning or tilting, and can be placed on a slider or dolly for two axis movement. The head will operate at any speed using the RAM controller and motor selection (not included), for live video as well as timelapse.

This short video demonstrates just a few of the types of shots that can be created with the Pan & Tilt head. Much more to come!
motorized camera panning for timelapse and video
When in the vertical position, the head allows for full 360 degree panning motion for time lapse and video. This is great for panoramas, sweeping landscape shots, interior architectural shots, and much more!
motorized camera pan and tilt head for timelapse and video
Flip the head 90 degrees using any adjustable tripod head, and you are able to attain 360 degree tilting movement. This kind of movement is great for shooting tall objects such as skyscrapers, mountain landscapes, trees, etc!
RAM motorized pan tilt head
The pan/tilt head can also mount directly to a camera slider or dolly to offer 2 axis movement.
2 axis moves require 2 motors (of matching speeds). Both motors can be controlled simultaneously using 1 RAM Controller and a splitter cable.
When combined with a slider, the gearing in the Pan/Tilt head will provide the perfect amount of rotation to match the movement along the slider.
parallax subject tracking slider
The combination of sliding and panning motion can create some amazing and dramatic camera movement effects. The first of these is the 'parallax' effect. In this setup, the camera will slide across the rail, and the camera will rotate to remain focused on the subject. This means that the subject will remain in frame, while the background will shift behind them. This is great for interviews, 'talking head' shots, product shots, and much more!
motorized panoramic camera slider
When you flip the camera the other direction, you will get sliding motion paired with outward panning of the camera. This is great for videos and timelapse featuring sliding panorama shots where you want to get the whole landscape, for shifting framing to and away from subjects, and more!

The RAM Kit:

The Pan & Tilt head is an add-on for the RAM system. It will work with the RAM motor controller and the RAM motors. These are not included with the Pan & Tilt head by default. You must add these as an option, or if you are a RAM system owner, you can use the motor and controller that you already own.

The RAM system is designed to be simple yet effective. The easy to use controller lets you set up each shot in just seconds, and features intuitive and straight-forward controls. The functional components of the kit include a motor, a controller, and the mounting hardware.


NOTE: Motor and Controller NOT INCLUDED. You will need the RAM controller, and motor (available as an option, or from other RAM bundles). Compatible with all current RAM motors/controllers.

The tripods, ball head, friction arm, and camera shown in various product demo photos are not included.

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