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RAM Tool-Free Motorized Slider Upgrade Kit

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New RAM slider mounting hardware tool-free assembly
Introducing the NEW motorized slider mounting system! We re-designed the RAM motorized slider from the ground up to offer improvements all the way around!
The system is now tool-free! You can attach or detach the entire motor system from the slider in just seconds, without the need for any tools. Our easy to grip thumb screws offer a secure but quick connection!
This upgrade will work with the Revolve slider that you already own! Just purchase this upgrade to make your RAM slider system more convenient than ever before!
The new system keeps the RAM motor controller at your fingertips, with a mounting point right on the end of the slider next to the motor. This also helps to keep the cords neat and in one place. You can mount the motor using a friction arm mount (not included), or any other 1/4" mount accessory.


The upgrade kit includes everything you need to ditch the old slider hardware and go tool-free.

1. Motor mounting assembly

2. Idler pulley assembly

3. Timing belt clamp

4. Timing Belt

5. Pulley


If you like to have a quick and painless setup time, be sure to check out the new slider carry bag, which allows you to transport the entire slider system fully assembled so you're always ready to shoot right away! Click here to see the new bag!

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