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Revolve Dolly Guide Roller UPGRADE KIT

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    NOTE: All current orders for the camera dolly WILL ship with the upgraded guide rollers.

    In 2015 we upgraded the way that the Revolve Dolly interacts with the 'rail system'. The original version contained a set of 'guide rods', which kept the dolly centered on the track while the dolly wheels rolled along the top of the pipes that make up the track. They worked good, but sometimes caused issues with noise and friction when contacting the pipes.

    The new 'guide roller' version features a small wheel and bearing assembly at the bottom of the rod. This wheel rolls along the bottom side of the pipe giving the dolly a smooth and secure attachment to the track. This eliminates noise and also creates a secure connection to the track allowing the dolly to be operated at an incline, vertically, or even upside down.

    This upgrade kit replaces your current 'guide rods' with the newer 'guide roller' setup.

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