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About Us

Revolve Camera is dedicated to providing you with high quality photo and video gear at affordable prices. We strive to offer useful and innovative products that will enhance your creative potential, while keeping your budget in mind! We promise to offer you the best possible customer support on all of our products, and offer a 100% guarantee on everything we sell.

Revolve Camera was born when co-founders Jeremy Canterbury and Greg Frank launched our first product: the Revolve Camera Dolly. With the help of 476 awesome supporters on the crowd funding website Kickstarter, we were able to secure enough pre-orders to facilitate production and bring the product to life. The journey since then has been incredible! Being able to deliver our product to a customer and hear back from them about how much they love it is truly amazing! We value our customers incredibly highly; they are the life of our company, and we thank you for choosing Revolve!


The Revolve Team:

CEO + Founder: Jeremy Canterbury

President: Greg Frank

CMO: Mason Palmer