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Some great shots made using the RAM Motorized system. Filmed by Wesley Aston Photography



A short compilation of shots captured using the Revolve Motorized Slider. Shot by photographer Raiatea Arcuri.


Can the RAM Motorized Slider shoot long exposure time lapse at night? You bet it can! Add the slow motor for long exposure and you're set!


 This short video demonstrates just a few of the types of shots that can be achieved with the Revolve Camera Dolly.


Revolve Automated Motion motorized slider and camera dolly Kickstarter video.



A compilation of timelpase shots captured using the RAM Motorized System, shot by Revolve customer Paredolia Visuals.



Some great 'night-lapse' shots taken using the Revolve Automated Motion system. Thanks to Justin Adkinson of Heavensent Films for sharing!



A couple great live-action video shots using the RAM Motorized slider! Thanks Rickard Berry @ No Routes Found for the video!



DSLR Video Shooter's review of the Revolve Camera Dolly.


 An awesome promo video filmed using the Revolve Camera Dolly. Special thanks to VL Films.

Revolve Camera Dolly from Revolve Camera on Vimeo.


Revolve Camera Dolly Review by the Youtube channel 'Tech Refreshed'



The Revolve Camera dolly Kickstarter video: this was the video that was featured on our Kickstarter campaign. The video offers a good explanation of the product, and how the system functions. To see the Kickstarter project, click here.

Revolve Camera Dolly Kickstarter Video from Revolve Camera on Vimeo.


See more user videos HERE.