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Revolve Automated Motion:


Revolve Automated Motion (or RAM for short) is a versatile motion control system for time-lapse and ultra smooth video. It can add precise motorized control to any camera slider or the Revolve Camera Dolly to create a wide variety of stunning footage! The kit adds fully adjustable motorized control to your camera moves. Starting at only $299, RAM answers the demand for a truly affordable motion control system.


What does it do? The RAM system quite literally gives your camera brains and brawn, and helps you to create amazing time-lapse and video footage that would otherwise be impossible. You have undoubtedly seen stunning time-lapse videos of dramatic landscapes with clouds transforming the horizon. With ultra precise and fully adjustable motorized camera movement at an affordable price, you too can create these amazing scenes.



Revolve Automated Motion Kickstarter Video from Revolve Camera on Vimeo.



The Revolve Automated Motion slider kit transforms any normal camera slider into a motorized slider with fully automatic movement. Our universal mounting system is designed to be compatible with any slider on the market.


The RAM dolly kit is compatible with the Revolve Camera Dolly system. It can drive the Revolve Dolly directly in 'friction drive mode' for panning, curved, circular, or linear movement. It can also move the dolly along the Revolve rail system in 'belt drive mode'.

The versatility of Revolve Automated Motion is unmatched by any other motion control system. Interchangeable motors and fully variable speed control lets you use the system for both time lapse and live video shooting. The multi-platform mounting capability lets you use the RAM system with a wide range of camera support gear.

When combined with a slider, the RAM kit is capable of moving the camera straight up a vertical rail. Our heavy duty motors can lift a vertical payload of over 15 lbs. The slider can be tripod mounted for variable height, and can be angled at an incline creating dramatic movement.

When paired with the Revolve Camera Dolly, you can attain curved motion, or even full panoramic or circular movement. Another great feature when using the dolly is that your movement is not limited by the length of your slider or track; the dolly can move freely along any flat surface for a virtually unlimited distance.

When using the motor kit with the Revolve Camera Dolly, you can also take advantage of the dolly's unique portable rail kit that transforms it into a slider. Add your own pipes of any length to create the track you need; use a set of 10 foot pipes for those extra long camera moves, use a set of 3 foot pipes for portability, or anything in between!

The RAM Kit:

The Revolve Automated Motion system is designed to be simple yet effective. The functional components of the kit include a motor, a controller, and the mounting hardware. The kit is then driven either by a belt and pulley (as pictured above), or with the dolly's green friction drive gear. The mounting hardware is different for the Slider Kit, and the Dolly Kit (slider mount shown above).

Three different motors are available which allow the system to work properly for different uses. The speed of each motor is adjustable using the controller, but using different motors gives the system a complete range from ultra slow to fast movement. The system ships standard with the 5rps motor. This motor is good for most time lapse situations, or for very slow video movement (most of the time-lapse in the video was shot using the 5rpm motor.) The Slow 1rpm motor is used for very slow time lapse, or for night-lapse shots where you are using a slow shutter/long exposure. The Fast 60rpm motor is used for live action video.




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About Revolve: Revolve Camera was born when we launched our first product: the Revolve Camera Dolly. With the help of 476 awesome supporters on the crowd funding website Kickstarter, we were able to secure over $70,000 in pre-orders to facilitate production and bring the product to life. The journey since then has been incredible! Being able to deliver our product to a customer and hear back from them about how much they love it is truly amazing! We believe that camera gear should be as versatile as the artist who uses it, and we also believe that the best gear is the gear you can actually afford. We continue to develop our line of versatile and affordable camera gear.