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Revolve 2-in-1 Tripod & Monopod Combo

Presenting the Combopod

Our versatile 2-1 tripod comes with a Pro Ball Head Mount and built-in, detachable monopod for grab-and-go video and photography.

Made from hardened aluminum, the Combopod is the last travel tripod you'll ever need.
Arriving on your doorstep equipped with our Pro Ball Head Mount,
the Combopod is the only sturdy, truly adaptable tripod + monopod combo on the market.
One leg of the tripod unscrews from the unit and turns into a stand-alone monopod.
The transformation is simple and takes just seconds.
Always have both a tripod and a monopod ready for use, all in one convenient package.
The tripod is highly adjustable and can be used for any shooting situation.
The legs have adjustable angles which lock into place.
The center beam of the tripod can also be flipped upside down for inverted shooting; great for macro photography or low angle shots.
The tripod is incredibly portable, packing down into a padded travel case measuring just 14" tall.
It's small enough to fit into any suitcase and is designed to travel.
It won't weigh you down: the whole kit weighs just 3.5 lbs, and can support loads up to 18 lbs.
The monopod attachment also has a special feature designed for use with the Revolve Camera Dolly.
The rubber foot at the bottom unscrews to reveal a 1/4" mounting point, which will connect directly to the base of the Revolve Dolly
giving you the option for variable camera height when using the dolly on the ground surface.
The monopod can be purchased by itself (without the tripod or ball head) at this link.
Both the tripod and the monopod feature a wide range of height adjustment options.
The tripod can attain a camera height anywhere from ground level (with the center beam inverted) all the way up to 62".
The Monopod height ranges from 16" to 62".

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