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Friction Arm Mount

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    • The Friction arm mount is an incredibly versatile camera and accessory mount. Useful for mounting light-medium weight onto any Revolve equipment, or for mounting the RAM motor controller or other accessories. The arm has three moving joints and can be adjusted and locked into countless positions.

      The top of the friction arm contains a standard 1/4"-20 screw (the standard photographic equipment screw size) for mounting cameras, lights, monitors, microphones, flashes, etc.
      The bottom of the friction arm has multiple attachments for mounting to all of your other gear: 1/4" male mount, 1/4" female mount, Hot Shoe mount.
    • Maximum Length: 7"

      Maximum load weight: 10lbs

      Strong aluminum and steel construction

      Durable black anodized coating

      Weight: 6oz

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