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Variable ND Filter (ND2-ND400)

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  • The Versatile Variable ND Filter

    Gain creative freedom with our adjustable ND filter. This easy to use and versatile lens filter gives you ultimate control over the light that enters your camera lens.

    Just turn the ring to turn your ordinary images into extraordinary images.


    Why A Variable ND? Pure Control.

    The Revolve Camera Variable ND Filter is all about versatility.
    Use a slow shutter even on bright days, and gain a depth of field that would otherwise be impossible. That extra control allows you to transform the look of your photos into something special.

    Full Stops at the Slide of a Ring  

    The Revolve Camera Variable ND Filter Gives you -1 to -9 Stops of Control (ND2 to ND400).
    Carry this variable ND to replace a whole set of standard ND filters; one filter to rule them all.

    True Color Has Never Looked So Good  

    Quality Japanese optical glass coated with an 8 layer nano coating for perfect sharpness.

    Designed for the Elements  

    Stop Chasing the Light with Your Gear, Now You Can Instantly Control It

    Crystal-Clear Clarity In Your Hand

    Stop Fumbling for Filters and Get the Shot Before It's Too Late

    Protect Your Gear Without Fear  

    From Unexpected Scratches and Crashes to Water and Dust We've Got You Covered

    About ND Filters: 

    Why use an ND filter? We already know that aperture and shutter speed settings are both used to adjust how our camera processes the light in our scene. But what if we need more control? For instance, when shooting a landscape, we might want to capture the mystical flow of that river in the foreground. A slow shutter speed will blur the water and create the illusion of movement that we are after. But it's sunny  outside, and a slow shutter speed will leave our image bright and over-exposed. No problem, pop our Variable ND filter onto your lens, adjust the filter to block just the right amount of extra light, and the scene is yours. 

    You can use the Variable ND filter to experiment with your depth of field, and to use shutter speeds that would otherwise be impossible.

    Our Variable ND filter allows you to adjust the light reduction from -1 to -9 stops. Always be ready with this versatile ND filter; good for whatever situation you might encounter.

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