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RAM Extra Motor (multiple options)

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  • There are 3 different motor speeds for the RAM system. The motors are easily interchangeable and take just seconds to swap. 

    STANDARD: The standard motor is included with the RAM system by default. The standard motor is good for most time-lapse shooting, and for very slow live video recording. (takes 3-36 minutes to travel 1 meter slider)

    The two other motors (below) are not included by default with the RAM system, but can be purchased separately.

    SLOW: The slow motor moves very slowly and is used for long duration time-lapse shots, or for time-lapse shots where you need to use a long exposure time / slow shutter speed (such as shooting time-lapse at night). At a slow speed setting, this motor will move the camera less than 0.5cm over the course of a 30 second exposure, so you do not have to worry about the movement causing motion blur in your images. (takes 15 minutes to 2 hours to travel 1 meter slider)

    FAST- The FAST motor is suitable for live video shooting. The speed of this motor wirks great for general tracking shots when filming in real time.  (takes 10 seconds to 4 minutes to travel 1 meter slider)

    This 5 minute video clip shows the speed of the different RAM motors in real-time.  The RAM motor controller is set to the fastest speed setting for this video demonstration. Each motor has it's own range of speed (as controlled using the knob on the RAM motor controller). When on the slowest setting, each motor will move at approximately 1/10 of the speed demonstrated in this video.



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