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RAM Motor Controller

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    RAM Motor Controller includes the controller unit, and "AA" battery adapter (inside controller).
    The reverse switch adds automatic reverse capability to the RAM motorized slider. Simply attach the sensor next to the motor, and position the foil stickers at your desired 'reverse' positions on the belt. When the foil sticker passes the sensor, the motor will reverse. The slider will then bounce back and forth automatically.
    The interval timer adds shoot-move-shoot capability to the controller, offering more advanced control over timelapse shots. The timer controls the motor and your camera's shutter simultaneously, pausing slider movement for each exposure. This allows you to capture long exposure shots without any possibility of motion blur. This also gives you greater control over timelapse duration, letting you capture longer timelapse scenes (up to 4 days).
    Note: All RAM systems already include this motor controller. Controller upgrades available as optional add-ons.

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