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Revolve Camera Dolly

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Type: Revolve Dolly

The Revolve Camera Dolly is a tool for capturing smooth and dynamic video footage. The Revolve system can create a wide variety of tracking shots and rotational dolly shots as well as dynamic time lapse and stop motion photography. It is compatible with virtually any camera, and is suitable for use on all surfaces and at any location.
The Revolve dolly system stands out from others by providing the ultimate in versatility and value. The convenient and portable kit weighs under 3 lbs and packs neatly into the provided carry case. All of this at an incredibly affordable price starting at just $99.
The strong aluminum construction allows the dolly to handle any camera rig. The maximum payload is an impressive 40 lbs. The dolly itself has 4 extra mounting holes for attaching accessories such as video lights, microphones, field monitors, etc. Premium fluid bearings give the dolly a super smooth roll for perfectly smooth video every time.
Among the best features of the Revolve dolly system is it's unique rail kit, which provides a smooth and solid surface to glide across even when you are shooting on rough terrain. Each system includes a set of rail clamps which let you turn a set of pipes into a track for the dolly. You can choose from a wide variety of pipe options, available at any hardware store anywhere in the world for a fraction of the cost of a conventional camera track.
PVC pipe works very well for lightweight rigs and short tracks. For heavier rigs and longer tracks, standard aluminum 'speed rail' works great, as does this closet pole from Home Depot. Check out the Revolve Travel Tracks for a convenient travel friendly track option.
When using the dolly on a track, simply screw on the 'guide rollers', which feature a small wheel that glides underneath the track, locking the dolly securely onto the rails, and providing smooth and quiet movement.
The Revolve slider is not limited to a 2 or 4 foot track like most; the track can be made from any length of pipe, pole, or rod- you choose the length that works best for you!
The rail clamps each have tripod mounting points. This lets you elevate the entire track on a set of tripods so that you can get tracking shots from any height. Use one tripod for incline or vertical shots, or a set of tripods for level track shots. When on the track, the setup can be operated at any angle to get the shot you need. Incline shots, vertical shots, and even upside down shots to get those close up macro angles are possible. The guide rollers keep the dolly locked securely onto the track at all times for security and versatility!

When shooting off of the track, the adjustable axles allow the dolly to travel in a straight line, or in a curved line or rotational arc of any angle.
The Revolve Camera Dolly can create a wide assortment of cinematic effects! Tracking dolly shots, rotational dolly shots, dynamic inward/outward tracking, rotational panning, time lapse photography, stop motion animation, sliding shots, and more!
The dolly is compatible with virtually any camera on the market, whether you want to shoot with a DSLR,  smartphone, GoPro, camcorder, point and shoot, etc! Your camera can mount directly to the base of the dolly with the included mounting screws, or you can use a ball head, friction arm, our specialized monopod, or any other mount to give your camera more versatility.

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