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Revolve Dolly Travel Tracks (6 foot)

Revolve Travel Tracks are a portable track system for use with the Revolve Camera Dolly system.  The Travel Tracks come in a standard length of 6 feet (a total of six 2 foot long sections). They are infinitely expandable by adding more sections. The strong and lightweight aluminum tubing breaks down to just 24" for easy travel in the included carry case. 

The tubes and connecting pieces are precisely machined for a perfect fit- there is no gap, and no 'bump' at all when the dolly wheels cross over the connection.

The travel tracks make bringing a long track to any location easy and convenient!


NOTE: If you purchase more than one set of travel tracks (to continue extending the track beyond 6') you will need an extra set of connector pieces for each extra track set. If you purchase multiple sets of track at the same time, we will automatically include the necessary connectors. If you purchase one set, and then purchase another set later, please just notify us upon the second purchase so that we can include the extra connectors in your order.


2 sets Travel Tracks = 12' track : Requires 1 set extra connectors

3 sets of Travel Tracks = 18' track : Requires 2 extra sets of connectors


Pipe outside diameter: 35mm

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